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Welcome to Die Hard Dixie, the Marietta GA Charter of the Iron Order Motorcycle Club. Our charter was formed in December 2009 at Nik's Back Porch in Marietta.


We are Brothers.  We are Bikers.  We come from all walks of life and every profession.  We Ride, we party, we laugh, we grieve, we take care of our Brothers, Maidens, and families, and we still have time to take care of those in our communities that need our help.  We participate in charity events for the good of our community and for the good of individuals in need.  If you see us on the road, feel free to come and meet us.

We proudly support our local Veterans, and work with United Military Care regularly to raise money and support their mission.  You can find out more about them at

To support UMC and their mission of helping our local Veterans:

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